Below is a list of useful resources for addicted individuals and their families, You can click on the links to view them in your browser. If you would like to save them for offline viewing, simply right-click the link for the file type of your choosing and choose to save link as.

  • Community Resource & Referral Services Directory - Download - PDF
  • Medical Resources List - Download - PDF
  • Getting Off Right: Safer Drug Use Manual - Download - PDF
  • Safer Shooting Pamphlet - Download - PDF | EPUB
  • Rotate Your Shot Pamphlet - Download - PDF

Please check back to this page frequently for more updates about new services SCHRC will be offering.

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Latest News

O.D. deaths chart
S.C. teen who died of heroin overdose was never offered key addiction treatment

"Ashlyn died six months ago at the age of 18, about a year-and-a-half after trying heroin for the first time, never having tried an outpatient, medication-based treatment program that experts agree should always be presented as an option to opioid-addicted patients."

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Surgeon General discussing Narcan distribution
S.G. Urges Americans to Carry Drug That Stops Opioid Overdoses

"The United States Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome M. Adams, issued a national advisory Thursday urging more Americans to keep on hand and learn how to use the drug naloxone, which can save the lives of people overdosing on opioids. Naloxone has already revived thousands of overdose victims..."

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S.C. O.D. death chart
Bill would give wider access to narcan in South Carolina

"A bill which would give easier access to opioid antidotes, like narcan, has moved on to the South Carolina State Senate. 'The goal is to save lives and to get people into recovery... this bill allows approved community organizations to give out narcan, to people who need it who are going through addiction.'"

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